New York SpinExpo

Posted on Aug 12

Check out our profile featured in the New York SpinExpo newsletter:

“Founded over 80 years ago, Huntingdon Yarn Mill, located in the NE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, houses three important yarn-making processes under one roof: Skein Dyeing, Novelty Yarn Twisting and Metallic Yarn Combining. The company produces fancy twisted yarns, boucles, loops, ratinés, etc. from wool, rayon, cotton, silk, linen, and even some acrylic.

The Skein Dye House has a library of 4,000 unique styles, and they can duplicate any natural fibre-and combinations of-colours. HYM is the only manufacturer in the country that dyes 40 or 70 denier nylon the same colour as the metallic. The process is available for both solid and space dyeing.

Novelty Yarn Twisting transforms the yarns from its Dye House and Metallic Yarn Combining equipment into even more unique yarns. Novelty yarns can be developed to a customer’s specifications. Metallic Yarn Combining (metallic yarn with nylon, rayon, acetate or silk) originated in the HYM plant in the 40’s, followed by many of its present twists, combinations, number of turns, the shrinking and setting of nylon, and machinery used for this process. Metallic yarns are available in small quantities.

One of the company’s most successful yarns is a wool crepe yarn (baby lambswool/rayon or nylon 80/20), available in four different gauges.
HYM is the only company in the US that produces this quality in 10 and 12 gauges. The company will showcase their new metallic yarn, a magnificent super-soft quality that can be used alone or combined, can be space-dyed and is suitable for both knitting and weaving.

HYM is putting an emphasis on spaced- dyed effects for their cotton and rayon qualities as well, and will be offering stock service on 25 styles about 30 colours each, with no minimums. Huntingdon Yarn Mills develops yarns for the apparel, home furnishing and craft industries. Their customers include: St Johns Knits, Ralph Lauren, Toula (apparel); Sunbury, American Silk, Weave Corporation (home furnishings); Tahki, Borroco and Kollage (craft).”

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